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The 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World

For hundreds of years, engagement rings have been a symbol for love and the desire for marriage, and while there is a range of styles and costs for these rings, there are some rings that go down in history for being extremely over the top, extravagant, and sometimes even priceless. Royals, aristocrats, and celebrities lay claim to the most expensive engagement rings in the world and they are all drool worthy!

Can you guess how much the most expensive engagement ring is worth? Let's start off with number 10!...

10. Garrard 18 carat Blue Sapphire White Diamond Engagement Ring

Given To: Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton

From: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Value: $137,200

This gorgeous ring is the same ring worn by Prince William's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales when she was engaged to Prince Charles in 1981. It was an heirloom kept by her sons and used to propose to the now Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. A sparkling Blue Sapphire is surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds and cost around $45,000 at the time. Although it is not extravagant or unique by royal standards, this ring today is one of the most famous engagement rings ever and its cost is priceless.

9. Argyle Jewellers Pink Pear Cut Engagement Ring

Given To: Anna Kournikova

From: Enrique Iglesias

Value: $2.5 million

Anna Kournikova's engagement ring included a whopping 11 carat natural pink, pear shaped diamond in the center, and 2 Trillian cut diamonds on the sides.

8. Fred Leighton Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Given To: Catherine Zeta Jones

From: Michael Douglas

Value: $2.5 million

This beautiful vintage ring has a 10 carat marquise shaped diamond. It is very unique because the diamond is set horizontally, and usually marquise diamonds are set vertically. The ring has a 1920's air about it and includes 28 smaller diamonds sparkling around the center stone.

7. Lesotho III Diamond Engagement Ring

Given To: Jacqueline Onassis

From: Aristotle Onassis

Value: $2.6 million

This Lesotho III 40.42 carat diamond ring was only one of 16 cuts from a 601 carat rough diamond found in South Africa. Jackie O. only wore the ring twice before locking it in a New York bank vault.

6. Graff Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Given To: Melania Knauss

From: Donald J. Trump

Value: $3.0 million

This Emerald cut diamond ring is an amazing 15 carats and placed on a platinum setting. It is from the prestigious House of Graff in London. The ring is adorned with two baguette diamonds on the side.

5. Neil Lane Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Given To: Jennifer Lopez

From: Marc Anthony

Value: $4.0 million

Neil Lane is known as the jeweler to the stars and he did not disappoint with this 8.5 carat blue diamond ring. It is considered very rare and Jennifer's most prized jewel in her collection.

4. Cartier Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Given To: Grace Kelly

From: Prince Rainier III of Monaco

Value: $4.06 million

This official engagement ring worn by Grace Kelly was a legendary Cartier 10.47 carat Emerald cut diamond surrounded by 2 stylish baguette diamonds on the sides.

3. Gold Diamond Encrusted Engagement Ring

Given To: Paris Hilton

From: Paris Latsis

Value: $4.7 million

This ring has a massive 24 carat center diamond in a rectangular shape. It is flanked by 2 triangle cut baguettes. Paris claimed that it was so heavy that it would hurt her finger when she wore it. The ring was auctioned off to Hurricane Katrina victims after their split.

2. Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring

Given To: Beyonce Knowles

From: Jay Z

Value: $5 million

This 18 carat flawless octagon cut diamond ring is set in a platinum split base and was designed by famous jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz. The rock has been certified as an exceptional, internally clear, premium stone.

1. Asscher Cut Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring

Given To: Elizabeth Taylor

From: Richard Burton

Value: $8.8 million

This whopping huge Asscher cut Krupp diamond is 33.19 carats! It has a fairly large culet face. It is certified as a Type IIa diamond, the most chemically pure type of diamond with exceptional transparency. Christie's auctioned the ring in December 2011 and was won by an unnamed collector.

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