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Best Jewelry Looks of the 2018 Golden Globes

This weekend, we saw the stars come out in the show that kicks off the awards season, the Golden Globes! Everyone came dressed to impress, as usual, but who could overlook their jewelry on the red carpet? They were dripping in diamonds and gemstones and we were here for it.

The red carpet is where the A-list brings the glam and the Golden Globes were no exception. This is the time where all the big names and big pieces in jewelry come out to play. We couldn't help but notice some really big trends in jewelry that night so we rounded up these trends and our favorite picks of each from the show, and we dare you to stop reading. You can't, can you? It's too beautiful!


Emeralds were a huge trend on the red carpet this year. Everywhere you looked, you would see a sparkle of green. These pieces really accentuated the black gowns that all the actresses were wearing amid the #MeToo movement.

Cascading Diamond Necklaces

Ornate diamond necklaces were very prevalent at the Golden Globes and really gave off the opulence of Hollywood. These necklaces were gently draped over collar bones and looked beautiful.

Blinged Out Drop Earrings

Drop necklaces are a good accessory to frame your face and these over the top, jewel encrusted earrings were all the rage on the carpet.

Which of these Golden Globe jewelry trends did you like best? Which specific piece did you like the most? We want to hear from you! Let us know which ones you liked and we can start incorporating these trends into our store selection!

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