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Engagement Rings for the Non Traditional Bride

Not every blushing bride is cut from the same mold...or stone, in this case! While some brides dream of the perfect diamond ring, other brides opt for a non traditional stone or design. All quality stones and designs are beautiful in their own right, but are specific to a bride's taste, and the ring your fiancé proposes with should follow that taste. If your taste has never been ordinary, these alternative rings may be just right for you! They are far from conventional, yet undeniably gorgeous...

Bold Cluster

Rather than a single diamond, these rings have a cluster of stones often placed very close to each other to create a bauble that's suited for the extravagant bride. These rings are bright and eye catching.

Pink-Orange Diamond

Some brides like a pop of color on their rings instead of the traditional white diamond. To keep it feminine and light, pink-orange diamonds are the perfect way to shine like a modern bride.

Shapely Design

Traditional engagement rings need a good kick to keep in times with new design! Rings like these are great showstoppers that are so elegant, yet unique to a bride. Diamonds are set in an intricate design to create these looks. With a ring like one of these, a bride is sure to stand out among all the engagement rings that all look very similar.

Something Blue

Another way to add some color to an engagement ring is with a blue stone! This type of ring could be used as the notorious "something blue" for good luck at a wedding. While sapphires are what typically come to mind when thinking of blue stones, sky blue colored stones like Paraiba Tourmaline, Cuprian Tourmaline, and Blue Topaz are just as beautiful.

Green With Envy

For brides who prefer the color green, Emeralds are the perfect alternative to a traditional diamond. As a center stone, the Emerald glows and with the compliment of diamonds surrounding it, the ring only becomes more gorgeous. For the purest Emeralds with the best color, Columbian Emeralds are the finest.

Ruby Red

For the fiery bride, red rubies are the perfect compliment on an engagement ring! Rubies have recently become more rare, making them even more special. While they look great in white gold settings, a rose gold setting will also accentuate the stone with its red undertones. Other red stones can also be used including the Padparadscha Sapphire or Garnet.

Canary Yellow Diamond

Canary yellow diamonds are extremely rare, but are the perfect color for the bride who is the sunshine in her groom's life! It's gained increasing popularity because of its beautiful shine.

Black Diamond

For the goth bride, black diamonds are exactly the right fit. Black diamonds have been popularized by celebrities who wear them on the red carpet in necklaces and earrings. As the center stone for an engagement ring, they stand out in a very distinct way.

Art Deco

Art Deco style rings are like the crown jewels of engagement rings. They bring forth a type of 1920's opulence that is very unique to the era. Art Deco design represent modernism turned into fashion and these rings embody just that.

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