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Trendsetting Jewelry: Hexagons & Angles

Since the early days when jewelry was made, all the stones that were set in jewelry pieces were always similar in shape. Circular or square shaped diamonds and gems were the norm and continued to be the norm for many years, but as fashion grows, so does jewelry and its trends. This year, angular stones like hexagons are infiltrating the jewelry world and they are looking beautiful doing it!

Angular stones in jewelry are the latest thing in shapes since Heather Dubrow's Hexagonal Ice! Yes, the jewelry for your glass...

These six sided silhouettes are popping up all over the place, in both stones and the overall shapes of jewelry. Take our word for it, these unique shapes are the biggest trend in jewelry right now. Don't be surprised when you become mesmerized by their beauty.

Diamonds cut into a hexagon shape are pretty rare, but if you do some digging, you can find them for your jewelry desired piece. These hexagonal diamonds are perfect to accent a ring or necklace, and we are all for it!

Some brides are even opting for a hexagonal diamond for their engagement rings to showcase their uniqueness and love for trends and fashion. Hexagons are said to symbolize union and balance so its a very poetic depiction of that in a wedding ring.

Colored stones look equally as beautiful in a hexagon shape. Like this hexagonal amethyst set in this ring.

Although these stone shapes are one of a kind, the stone's shape isn't all the matters...the shape of the setting itself looks amazing in a hexagon too! Like this angular piece with round diamonds and rubies set in a hexagon shaped ring. It may look like an antique, but it is becoming very current.

These angular shapes even pop up as gold outlines on various pieces. This necklace, for example, has three cleanly outlined hexagons in gold for a modern and simplistic look.

Similarly, the shape is in this ring that resembles a honeycomb! This one is available in our store and online for purchase today!

Shout out to Beyonce for also rocking this honeycomb look ring...

And if these styles aren't your thing, try this bohemian agate pendant with 18K yellow gold with onyx and pavé diamonds...

Whatever your taste may be, there is sure to be a hexagonal shaped piece of jewelry for you. Which ones are your favorites?

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